Saturday, February 18, 2012

Job hunting and planning a wedding...The circle of life is alive and well.


  1. I must find a new job. Not negotiable.
  2. I must plan my sister’s wedding. Not negotiable.
  3. I must lose 10 pounds for sister’s wedding. More like dream scenario. Not exactly best way to negotiate with self.
  4. I must learn how to plan a wedding. See number two.
  5. I must stop eating chocolate donuts. And plantain chips. This could be the most daunting of any of these tasks, including planning the damn wedding.
  6. I have to apply to jobs, but I keep getting distracted by kitten pictures.
  7. Wedding boards on Pinterest are fu*%$!g awesome, but when the hell will I find the time to make any of that shit?
  8. In my mom’s words: I am not a responsible person. But I still want a kitten...Presumably because the things on this list are creeping up and scaring me, so I want to assume the fetal position. If I had a kitten I think I would be less scared.
  9. A kitten would love me.
  10. I would love a kitten. And the circle of life continues.

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